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Together with me – Review

Together with me – Review

Together With Me had me smiling, crying, laughing, swooning and most of all fangirling. Tul and Max’s has out of this world chemistry, every little moment, every little word and every little scene shared, the chemistry thrived. Off screen and On screen these two have a lovely bromance, they are pretty much each others ‘other half’. Perfect match kung tawagin. Seeing how much love they have for each other is beautiful. MapapaSana ol na lang talaga tayong lahat hahahhaa

What made this series special and stand out from the rest of  the BL series is that it was never afraid. It was daring and fearless. There’s no holding back from the character and the story. If you’re going to love, love all the way.

One of my most favourite scenes with them is that one where they are in Korn’s bed after they kissed and Knock was like although you’ve liked me longer from now on I’ll like you even longer HAHAHA. It was just so sweet. To be honest lang ha there wasn’t a scene between those two I didn’t like.

The scene where I find the cutest was when Knock jumped into the river to swim to Korn and hoping to be reunited/forgiven. I thought it was pretty cute. I’m sucker for moments between these two. They let everything out at this point all their feelings. You can see that it gives a different atmosphere, especially in Knock’s position because at first he didn’t have feelings for Korn yet so he let Korn lead the kiss. However, in the last episode that changed in the most sweet way, when Korn pushes him onto the bed and then they kiss. It’s very sweet and intimate. Knock really kisses Korn back without hesitation nor doubt. For me it’s very beautiful, you can see the love they have for each together just by looking at that scene

One of the highlights of this series is the meaningful FRIENDSHIP. They have a solid gang, the love they show to each other is so pure and all of them cherish the importance of their friends. This is the kind of friendship we want to have for real. The support and protection that we need and looking for a real friend like Yihwa who actually have the big role between Korn and Knock. Saan pwede makahanp ng Yihwa? HAHAHHA She is so precious and limited edition friend. So pag may Yihwa na sa buhay nyo better keep them forever.

This is a perfect story for an LGBT themed series. The emotions: anger, frustrations, jealousy, worries, happiness, curiosities, emptiness etc were amazing, I loved everything about the series, it is a complete package where it has the roller-coaster emotions and there was a lot of unforeseen events that we really didn’t know and expected to happen. I highly recommend this series to everyone!

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