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2gether The Series – Synopsis and Summary



Tine (Win) along with his friends needs to get rid of Green – Tine’s annoying admirer. They come up with a plan asking Sarawat (Bright) – the Campus Heartthrob, to be Tine’s fake boyfriend. Tine decided to join the Musical Club to be close and get Wat’s approval. Eventually Green left Tine alone with the help of Wat. Tine’s world was rocked so hard by Sarawat that even in his dream, he keep seeing him.



Instead of finding a girlfriend, Tine (Win) bumps into Green which happens to be his annoying admirer. While trying to look for solution, Tine met Sarawat (Bright), the Campus Crush and asks him to become his fake boyfriend. Wat will only do what Tine is asking if Tine will be able to pass the screening for Musical Club. Tine passes the screening and got Wat’s approval. The two becomes close friends. Wat even let Tine uses his spare guitar, inviting him to his house and even following him on IG which leaves Tine skeptical.   Feeling of jealousy arises on both guys as Tine being close to Pear and Wat hanging out with Earn. Eventually Tine get rid of Green with the help of Tine and found out to be Dim’s (Musical Club Leader) boyfriend.  Since his plan succeeded, Tine urged Wat to go back to their normal lives. As they live without bugging each other, Tine always remembers Wat and even imagining him every time.  Wat confessed to Tine that he wants to flirt with him for real. Later on, Tine decided to agree to be Wat’s boyfriend. Their relationship was tested when Type (Tine’s older brother), Mil (Tine’s Admirer) and Pam (Wat’s First Love) came in to the picture. Tine came to realized that he’s Sarawat’s love and got back to each other’s arms in the end.

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