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SOTUS S the Series – Synopsis and Review


Arthit and Kongbog having the same level of struggle on this second installment of the series Sotus. Arthit being transferred to another department is being puzzled on how to blend in with his team mates. Kongbop, now the head hazer, on the other hand came across with Dae, a resistant freshman who don’t want to join the hazer’s rituals. Because of those, the couple having a hard time finding time for each other. Adding insult to injury is that Arthit still not being that much open about his romantic relationship with Kongbop. Will these factors make or break the two?


The story is really different from the 1st season. It gives more serious vibes. Adulting is real for Arthit. As we grow old, we tend to have more insecurities and worries. The series gave us a lot of realization and lesson especially to those who are already working. It’s not just about peer pressure or simple task but real-life realizations and situations and how to handle them. With Sotus and Sotus S, this is more relatable to me. With the characters, I find everyone was effective on their roles. Nicky can really be both comedian and at the same time antagonist. He has done a good job me hating him on the series. I’m just disappointed with the other ships in the series that never sail. The last scene was so perfect. Most BL fans can really remember it.

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