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SOTUS the Series – Synopsis and Review


A group of freshman having dilemma over academics and SOTUS System. Arthit, the head hazer along with his members usually ask impossible tasks to students to do. Everything is on chaos until one accepted the challenge to stand up and fight for what is right, Kongpob. As the story progresses, the realization of the students came in to picture as to what is the real purpose of implementing the said system – to achieve UNITY. On the other hand, spark has been building up between Kongbop and Arthit that will lead into deep and special relationship.


If you think that this is just something about college and peer pressure, then you are wrong. I feel very nostalgic reminiscing school days when I watched this series. Thinking of how did I survive College with all those reporting, assignment and projects to be done. Add as well the setting on an actual university. The transition of plot was done smoothly. The involvement of the characters in the whole story is good. Each character has its own story and not just focused on the lead characters. I admire Krist on this series. I just love his versatility. Singto on the other hand gave us the boy next door material that added to the kilig factor on the story. Who will forget the iconic lines by the leads? Well it’s already been used in a lot of memes and TikTok videos. This is where  Peraya started and did not disappoint us. They really deserve to be part of GMM’s Holy Trinity.

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