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The Shipper – Episode 5 Review

When Bii turns to Bye…

Is this for real? Di ako prepared sa twist ng series na ito. Kim took advantage of Teacher Kana’s marupok heart. Nagmahal lang siya and she don’t deserve to be dumped just like that. As for Pan, even it’s hard; it’s the right thing to do kaysa lumaki pa yung gulo.  And it’s not just one but few USBs were stolen. Both Pan and Kana devastated of what was revealed. For now, ika nga lets keep in mind “Don’t judge the book by its cover”. Let’s give Kim the benefit of the doubt until magising siya.



Keeping distance and making things right

Pan decided to take matters on her own hands. Aside from letting go Kana, she also kept her distance to Way. She felt that Kim do not deserved to be Way’s friend. L She thought that deleting the Fanfic that Soda and her will straight things up but she was wrong. To Soda, it’s not just some sort of story for whom they shipped into, but a memory that always remind her of the friendship they shared with Pan.



Resume and Assume

Well, guess who’s back? Jennie again reminded Pan about the golden rule: to never tell anyone about the switch. She even escalated it 3 tiers up! And here comes Soda the dakilang assumera. Even small gestures can make us fall in love with one person. So guys, wag naman po pa fall. Provide disclaimer naman kasi dapat.



Revealed and Reversed

The phone switched paved way for Way to discover about Khet’s crush…Pan! Pero pansin ko nga, bakit sa wallpaper at screensaver? Di ba pwedeng I keep sa mind and heart instead? Kinilig din naman tong Khet na ‘to. PBB Teens!!! Way also have some fair share sa Wallpaper story, the Piggy Back Ride pic with Kim! Phing? San ka ba dapat malagay kung di ka pwede sa cellphone? I smell danger…



This series is really a rollercoaster ride! It has a lot of twist and turns up until now. Ano pa ba possible na mangyari dito? Yan yung dapat abangan next week! Stay safe always again mga ka-Raikan!

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