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Until We Meet Again – Synopsis and Review


Intouch and Korn met and fell inlove in the wrong place and at the wrong time. The two , despite the objections of their fathers,  decided to  continue their relationship until one day Korn decided to let go. Korn committed suicide and at the same day In choose to do the same as Korn. Both souls are reincarnated after thirty years in Pharm and Dean’s persona. Haunted by the memories of their past through dreams, they started to unravel the mystery of their past and connected the dots to their past life. Will they share the same fate as Intouch and Korn, or they will be able to maintain the red thread unbreakable and live happily with each other?




The Story

The storyline was superb. The tragic love story of In and Korn was very moving. The sweet moments were also great. Add the longest kissing scene in the history of BL.  The series took us on a different level of drama and kilig. The revelation of the characters was made on timely manner. I would just like to comment on the conflict part wherein it’s somehow bitin and predictable because of the suicide scene was shown on the beginning of the series.

The Cast

Knowing Fluke and Earth’s caliber in acting, they really stood up to their role and portrayed their characters well. I really like how Fluke can shed tears in just few sec. The leading men, Ohm and Kao also matched the level of Fluke and Earth on this series. They are perfectly fit for the role they played. I also like how cute Prem and Buon on this series, although only few scenes given to them, they have may my heart giggle especially on the mistletoe scene.


I like how they present the opening song. The tempo changes depending on the last scene from the previous episodes. The song by Buon and Prem also caught my attention.

The series overall will be a mixed of sadness and happiness at the same time. Aside from that we can also find some sort of lessons on the series. They have depicted on the series that love is timeless. It does not end at one point only. Trust is one of the most important thing in a relationship. Challenges may come, as long as you have faith for each other, you conquer everything. And lastly, to always forgive. We need to be humble at all times. Others might have  done something wrong to us, but at the end of the day you need to forgive them to let them be free of guilt.

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