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En Love The Series: This is Love Story – Episode 2 Review

Ayun na nga! Nakakatuwa panoorin yung friendship na meron sa story na to. Even if they have different personalities, the bond together shows that it is not a hindrance to each of them. Napakabrutal ng mga salita nila against kay Nuea, which is nangyayari naman talaga sa totoong buhay. Grabe yung mga realtalk hahaha pero the determination of Neua is iba rin talaga, Is it just his ego? Or playboy do really change once na mameet nila yung katapat nila?

I like the consistency of Nuea just to prove to Praram that he is serious and sincere to his feelings pero hindi talaga mawawala yung mga kaibigan natin na sisira sa reputasyon natin HAHAHA mga walang suporta sa ikaliligaya ng buhay pagibig natin.

Praram is such a cutie baby boy! The way he smiles and talks is so gentle. Gusto ko na sya iuwi hahaha. But in a serious matter, we all know the feeling of Praram. We are also scared and afraid to let new people enter in our lives. We tend to ask ourselves if tama ba yung gagawin natin, we may become uncertain with some things in life but always remember to follow your heart and mind so we will not have any regrets in life.


This series is getting exciting every episode, what more they can offer to us? Let’s find out every saturday night!


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