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The Shipper Episode 2 – Review

It’s another frigay night that we have been waiting for, to watch the episode 2 of The shipper and GMMTV really did a great job on releasing this episode as early as now with ENGLISH SUB for their International fans.

P’Pan woke up in someone else’s body after facing the Angel of Death in the after life really starts the story of this series. Body Swapped is new to us epecially if it’s a Thai series. It will be hard for P’San that is currently in the body of P’Kim to keep this situation from everyone around them. She needed to be more careful not to get caught.
P’Jennie as the Angel of Death really suits the role. She makes the series more lively and enjoying. Her presense in the series completes the entire cast.

P’Way being so attractive with his masculinity  makes him even more manly. If I were P’San, my nose will bleed more Goshhh. Am I the only one? Hahaha.

After realizing that they swapped body P’San immediately went to her bodyynnutm:  to check on P’Kim. But, P’Kim is still unconcious on her body. You can feel the love and sincerity of San’s father who is being so understanding that it was all just an accident and not blaming anyone. I adore his calmness despite of everything that happened.

Can you all agree with me that P’Soda is the kind of friend that we are all deserve to have? A true friend like her who will stay by your side and keep your company no matter what happened.

Who missed Ohm Pawat on screen? Hahaha. In this episode we see the other side of P’Khet which is a brother to P’Kim. They are really not close to each other even they’re brothers, wanna know the reason why? Just stay tuned hahaha we will find it out in the next episodes.

I can feel the struggle of P’San in acting normal in front of everybody just not to be caught that there’s really wrong with her. She didn’t expect that it will be really hard for her to be P’Kim especially in school since P’Kim is known as an intelligent student. Well, she didn’t expect that it will be really hard for her to be P’Kim because  she only know what she saw but not what P’Kim really is. Since the Angel of Death admits that she also have a fault on putting them back in wrong bodies, she offered her help to P’San to make everything smoother so the people around her will not think of anything wrong about her.

Everything went well as planned of P’San and the Angel of Death, and then P’Jennie became so naughty again which makes the scene light and funny. Who else are curious on Kim’s body expo? Hahahaha P’San who gets naughty at the same time after seeing the Expo of P’Kim. How to be you po? Can we switch body rin? HAHAHA

OOHHHHMM! I know you are wondering what’s wrong with P’Kim but don’t get your face close to P’San! I’m jealous huhuhu

This really gets more interesting. So many questions to ask that will be answered for sure in the upcoming episodes. This series make the viewers hooked out of curiosity to its story.

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