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The Shipper Episode 4 – Review

Episode 4 – Unexpected Person

Sip! Sip! Sip!” after a week of waiting kung sino ba talaga si Kale. Finally its confirmed na si Teacher Angakana pala talaga HAHAHA. In the first part of the Episode, I can’t stop laughing with the reactions of P’San. She was so confused and doesn’t have any idea of what’s going on between P’Kim and Teacher. The rejection she did to Miss Angkana lead her to know what’s really behind everything. It is just because of the FLASHDRIVE! HAHAHA I can’t move on with her reactions after finding out the reason why hahaha.

I feel so sorry for Soda, she just wanted to have new friends kaya sya sumama sa gang ni PhingPhing but it end up not good. She just wanted to be accompanied by other people around her because of the loneliness she’s feeling because of what happened to P’San. I really feel her sincerity towards P’San. She is the best example of a FRIEND. A friend that will not leave you no matter what happened and a person who’s willing to stay by your side through ups and downs.

I also admire P’Khet as he stood up for Soda who was being bullied by other girls. Thought that there will be a fire between P’Khet and P’Way about about what PhingPhing did but P’Way admits it all and feel sorry for what his girlfriend did to Soda. This two man is really matured enough to handle things easily. Nakakainlove lalo! Gosh!

P’Kim keeps on investigating in their school for Th culprit who stole the Flashdrive which contains the file of their examination. It put him ‘into figiht with P’Off but his knight in shining armor came to the rescue! Kakilig sobra Lakas makababae ng eksena ni P’Kim HAHAHA and negative naman pala, hindi naman si P’Off ang kumuha ng flash drive. Napakajudgemental kasi hahaha. Then he suddenly remember that he saw that cat foot flashdrive from P’Khet so he accused again for a new suspect. False alarm na naman hindi rin si P’Khet yung kumuha and naibalik na rin naman daw  kay teacher. HAHAHA

Gosh! Sinong hindi kikiligin sa flashback ni P’San and P’Khet? I can ‘really feel the chemistry between them.Yung mga punchline and pick up lines ni P’Khet nakakarupok talaga! Ang strong ni P’San hindi na fall HAHAHA Sana ol strong, sana ol hindi marupok. 

For me, the highlight of this episode is the unveiling of the relationship as brothers of P’ Khet and P’Kim. The story of them being brothers where some of us can relate. We tend to ignore our siblings without knowing what they really feel and the impact of it to them.

The lesson I’ve learned from this episode is some people are not so bad like we thought they were. There will always be a story behind every actions they did. We just have to open our eyes and look for the brighter side to understand them more, let’s stop being so judgmental especially to those people we don’t really know and always remember that not all the things our eyes see defines the character of the person.


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