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Dark Blue Kiss Series – Review

Disclaimer:This review only focused with PETE&KAO’s story


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This is the continuation story of Pete and Kao where they are already in the college level. Keep on holding each other’s hand secretly.

Kao’s family struggles financially since his younger sister is also going to college. He is tutoring other students in their University as a part time job to help her mother provide the needs of his sister in college.


While Pete also joined A’Boyz, a group who promote products and activities online. He did join this group because he is pissed of Non who is known as a Social Media heartthrob.

Pete and Kao are still secretly dating since Kao is not yet ready to publicly announced their relationship. Pete being hard headed and getting annoyed easily makes him look so hot. As in fire burning hahaha

Non a high school student and son of the School Director which the boss of Kao’s mother being a teacher. Non is really interested with Kao and it all started when they bumped each other at the Blue Sky Cafe and accidentally spoiled the drinks on Kao’s shirt. Well Non really lend his jacket to Kao for them to meet again and Non even asked his father’s help to get Kao as his tutor. 

Pete is really against with this set up and put him and Non in a serious conflict. Eventually, Kao promised to Pete that he will no longer teach ans tutor Non so they will no longer be a problem between them however, he cannot stop it immediately since he is concerned with his Mom who is up for promotion as a teacher in their school. 

As days goes by, Kao decides to hide it from Pete knowing it’s violent disposition with Non being around. Pete, while totally enamored with Kao, can’t let go of his jealous streak and find faults in his lover’s actuations.

It could be better if Kao confesses to Pete directly and tells him everything but he really does not believe at first to Pete that Non has really a malicious intent between their relationship. But it will make the drama boring and flat. Hahaha

Things are getting worse between the two lovers as Pete being angry with Kao hides and lied everything from him. Pete decided to temporarily cut ties with Kao as he goes along with school and internship without the help of his father and Kao which is really nice because he proved that he really can do well with his own. 


As for Kao, things became shady as Non and his father being an ass* and accused Kao a sexual assault. 


Non straight up lied about what happened. He tells his father that Kao followed him home that night and tried to come on to him in his room.


Kao loses his job at the tutoring center he was working at; and he doesn’t receive any of the internships he applies for due to his now tarnished reputation.


Everything is ruined in Kao’s life since Pete is still angry at him. Thankfully that he got his mother’s back and finally admitted what he really is. Being a Gay. And his mom still loves and accepts him. 

Things really gone messed over to Kao’s house as Non’s father demanding that Kao stop lying. His dad wanted Kao to delete his facebook post and admit that he really do sexually harassed Non. But! Our knight in shining armor get to LIVE at social media and tell everyone what really happened and got some evidence as well that Non really did lie to his dad. This teddy bear really saves our baby Kao from being drowned. Pete played the recording and tell people to make wise in choosing which side to accused. 


The stormy weather brighten up at Kao’s house as Non and Father was really embarrassed and shocked about what they heard. Go home and cry! Hahaha 


After all what happened, Kao finally goes after Pete whole-heartedly and apologizes for not believing him when he should have from the very beginning. It seems that Kao is like a new person with the brightest smile in his face. 

The two reconcile at the pool and exchange deep kisses and finally Kao already have the courage to show and express his love without minding other’s opinion. Way to go lovers! 


Both Pete’s dad and Kao’s mom are super supportive and they even all get together to have a family dinner. Seeing how supported their parents for their relationship is really a heartwarming scene. Im gonna cry huhu


The gang is complete again and even apologise for not believing Pete from this two-faced Non.


Happy ending? Yes! For all the lovers at this series who gathered at the Blue Sky Cafe and celebrated the birthday of Mork. Bittersweet feeling for the fans out there who can no longer see Pete and Kao again as this series ends




It’s all about acceptance. Accepting yourself and acceptance from the society most especially from your family. Love will only fully grow if you get all the support that you need and you have nothing to hide from people around you. Pete and Kao story is Inspiring!


Thank you for this kind of series who actually shows and express what our LGBTQ+ experiencing in this society and how open and supportive their country with this kind of love affair. 


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