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Tharn Type Special: Everlasting Love – Review

During their fan time at the bar. We can all see how matured their friends are. Talking about their  future plans. Techno being the Team Captain of their football team. P’Seo who will actually making his debut in Korea and all of them being so open about their love to their partner without thinking of other people might say. Just like to express their feelings and emotions that is really something to be proud of.

P’Tar and P’Tom

Did you see how happy P’Tum the time he saw P’Tar. This scene makes me cry. Glad that P’Tar was able to regain his old self after all the troubles happened and experienced from Long and being away is a really good help for him


Wahhhh! I couldn’t believed that it really happened. Love by chance actors joining this special series was really a doped. You can really see the connections of this two series and makes you curious if you haven’t watched yet the Love by Chance.

3 Years earlier of Type and Tharn

Gosh! Still can’t get over with the reaction of Type’s father when he introduced Tharn as his boyfriend. He even fainted! Hahaha but kudos to Type for having that courage to tell his family the truth about him and tharn. Well this will not be possible as well without the bubbly personality of his mom. The comfort and support she shows for type and tharn is really heartwarming.

Tharn doing all the best he can just to please Type’s father is very incredible. He really fights for his love and to be accepted by Type’s father.

TYPE and his friend

Seeing the other side of Type makes my heart melt. Learned to apologise about his mistakes in the past. Haven’t overcome yet his fears to gays but with the help of Tharn, we was able to understand and broader his point of view that there’s no gender when it comes to love.


No one. Literally no one can beat this couple when it comes to kissing and bedscenes. Burning kisses, the tenderness of each others touch feels so real. Gosh! Im kinda sweating in here hahaha

From now on, I definitely wont say the word “break up” to you
– Unbelievable changes happened to type, from being a stone cold to very expressive person is so damn good!


How cute can type do? So adorable squishy and the headband on. He really do everything to make Tharn happy even if his not comfortable to it. So cutey wifey awww


I should be mad to Lhong but the way he looks, his been suffering as well. He punished himself for what he did to everyone. I just wish you the best of luck and keep on doing everything just to fix yourself.

It’s indeed a roller-coaster ride for this couple and they didn’t give up to their love and instead use it as each other’s strength and companion in every way.

Goshhhh! It’s not yet the ending – – –


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