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The Shipper Episode 10 – Review

“Be my boyfriend” – “The Kiss” — we waited a week if this would really happen but it didn’t. Mixed emotions for this scene. Sayang, kasi it’s the body of P’ Kim naman yun, Happy, kasi right thing na umiwas si P’ Pan.


Expectations VS Reality

Expectations – Akala mo kilala mo na talaga yung isang tao kapag palagi kayo magkasama and when you feel mutual comfort to each other.

Reality – People do really have deepest secrets and we tend to just keep it because it might cause lies, betrayals and change of perceptions by the people around you.


One of the highlights of this episode is from P’ Soda – “We can’t answer for P’ Kim especially when we don’t know the real answer. It’s like we’re invading his privacy” – We should stan this girl!

“Tell me one good reason to cheat” -P’ Pan
Well, Cheating is easy. Try something more challenging like being honest and faithful tho 🙄

“I did it because I like you” – #KhetWay! My heart! Napakapaasa ng scriptwriters. Clowning together after hearing these lines haha!


Part 3 of this episode is the best and superb! The missing piece of the puzzle was found! This proves that I am so judgemental and I feel so sorry P’ Kim haha. Speechless for this part. The efforts and sacrifices of P’Kim, The sincerity and love of P’ Way. They’ve been through a lot huhu. No one expected that they already have that kind of “Pinagsamahan”.

Is P’ Pan crossing the line already? Is she meddling with Kim’s personal life? Gosh! Nakakaloka na lang talaga. She just jumped in the conclusion without knowing the reason behind everything. I feel so bad for P’ Kim.

The Untold story of Khet and Kim – this is so realistic and some of us might have experience this with our brother/sister. There might be problems and misunderstandings but at the end of the day, we will always choose to be with them and say the word “SORRY”

This episode is worth waiting for! So unpredictable. Yung feeling na may conclusion kana sa utak about sa ending ng story pero biglang nababago kasi may unexpected scenes na nagaganap haha! To be honest, I thought THE SHIPPER will just let me down after the hype of 2GETHER: THE SERIES but I am wrong. This series is so underrated and worth waiting for!

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