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The Shipper Episode 12 – Review

The last Ehhhhh!

I can’t still imagine that this series really blast its ending. A roller coaster emotions from every episodes, millions of theories and conclusions on what will be the plot of this story and ship to ship of casts. GMMTV never disappoint us with this series, the hype of 2gether: the series brought us to this wonderful masterpiece. Salute to all casts, production team, script writers, producers and directors, you all did a wonderful job!



The first part of this episode is such a heartbreaking scene. The pain that P’Way feels when P’Pan finally reveal the reality broke my heart. You will see how true and unconditional his love for P’Kim. He deserve this kind of closure and kudos to P’Pan for giving it to P’Way. P’Kim is such a pure soul. He wants all the best for everyone.

“We can’t take one’s future just because we want to be together” – P’Kim

Gosh! Hindi tayo pwede, Pinagtagpo pero di tinadhana 🎵🎶 I know some of us experience and heard this already. Mutual yung feelings pero hindi pwede maging kayo kasi hindi pa tamang panahon huhu saet bes? Whyyyyy


When P’Way said “go have your own love” knowing he won’t be able to have his makes me cry more 😭 You can see the pain in his eyes and the bitterness in his smile.

P’Pan never realize that P’Khet is always there for her. To care and to look after. Sometimes, you just have to turn your head back to see the people who truly cares and love you.

And I’m at the verge of crying then suddenly seeing P’Jennie ran with her heels and gown cut my moment HAHAHA She will always be ICONIC in this series.


I admire how P’Khet look after P’Pan. From the moment that P’Pan reach out to P’Khet to be with them, that”s were everything has started. He may not be able to confess his true feelings for P’Pan but he was able to show it through his actions. This is the true meaning of “Action speaks louder than words”. He kept quite and lowkey for what he really feels and make P’Pan see and realize it with her own.


everyone: We want more P’Khet and P’Kim scenes
Gmmtv: (lets P’Kim and P’Khet kiss)


I know that it’s P’Pan he kissed but she’s in Kim’s body and they are brothers! It feels weird and uncomfortable seeing them kissed. This is the very unexpected scene that no one really see it coming Haha


P’Kim really died huhu and everyone was in his triology. Its sad because his parents wasn’t able to see him when he was still alive and P’Khet wasn’t able to say his final goodbye. They deserve to have their goodbyes! Whyy gmmtv? Whyy? Haha

It’s good to see how everyone enjoying their own lives. PhingPhing got a new boy to see. Soda has finally found her own ship. P’ Pan got closer and open to her uncle. P’Way will follow what he really wants.

The Shippers are back. I love how they continue the story of P’Way and P’Kim. Even just in story, they make P’Kim alive and this will help P’Way more so he can still feel the presence of P’Kim.

“So this is how its like when you have a yaoi girlfriend?” – P’Khet

Ohm is such a natural cutie and adorable! I’m inlove again gosh!





This series have so much to offer. Not just a typical story but it is beyond that. Lessons you’ll learn about friendship, family, love, maturity and dreams. No of the great Thai series for 2020. No regrets in watching. Every week of waiting has been paid off with great story lines.


Last scene at the heaven wherein P’Kim vanished. Who was that voice? Is this a hint for a Season 2? Goshhh!

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