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2 Moons 2 the Series Synopsis and Review


The end of Season 1 marks the start of the relationship of Wayo and Phana as boyfriends. Park, Wayo’s admirer, have some hidden agenda that will test the couple’s love for each other. MingKit will continue sailing as Ming still persistent to pursue Kit despite of the the latter’s strong personality. Meanwhile, after having a one night stand, Forth developed a special feeling for Beam. Will the three couple have their own happy endings? Or everything will just be some sort of a dream for everyone?



The same series with fully revamped casts. At some point, I am having a hard time appreciating Wayo and Phana on this series. Siguro nakulangan ako sa acting nila Ben at Earth. God’s portray of Phana’s role is more astig on how Ben did it. Yung kay Earth naman, yes he is charming pero di ko masyadong na feel yung mga pa cute niya. As usual, Tootsies Squad still funny as what they have been on the first installment. With Pavel and Dome, I love how their story goes on this series. Sino ba di makakalimot sa do or die na scene? How about sa clinic? Sobra akong kinilig dun. Like naka 52 na kilig. 🤣🤣🤣 Pavel is commendable on his role as Forth. Yung angas at confidence kuhang kuha masyado. And lastly, MingKit is yung pinaka nagdala sa series na ito. Yung chemistry ng J9 is really something na ma aappreciate mo at masyadong obvious sa lahat ng scenes nila. Sobrang kilig to the point na ginusto ko na sana sila na lang yung lead couple hahaha. Madaming ganap dito compared sa Season 1. I love the progress of the story hindi masyadong mabilis at hindi din ganon kabagal. Saktong transitions! Super bitin nga lang sa ending na you would want to immediately start Season 3 the moment na nag end yung last episode. I am super satisfied. Highly recommended!

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