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Make It Right 2 The Series Synopsis and Review


This series focuses on different teenager experiences especially on love and relationships. Fuse still baffled on how to handle things with Tee and Jean while Book and Frame’s relationship will be tested with Book’s skeletons haunting him. On the other hand, Yok and Lukmo found spark on each other in an unexpected way. Rodtang has his own fair share of struggles on how to juggle extracurricular activities inside and outside school.


This second part separates itself from the first season by giving us more heavy plots. There might be good scenes in the series, there are sub plots that uncomfortable feeling (Wit and Yok’s Mother kind of relationship). What I like the most are the lessons that this series would like us to know as viewers. It tackles about teenager dilemmas. I like it when they inserted parent-child relationship on the story. Depression is also included and how it can lead to death. I think I’m giving this 6 out of 10 overall.

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