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The Shipper – Episode 11 Review

An Unexpected Rain

It was shocking to know na nakatadhanang mamatay P’ Kim from the very beginning. It seems like Pan do not have that much choice but live as Kim, FOREVER. We really cannot tell what’s bound to happen in this lifetime.


One Last Time

Masakit man, tanggap ni Khet na he have to live without his brother. As last wish, he even ask Pan to have a Family Picture for first and last time. And he was able to fix the RC Plane, ALONE. Brave Soul!


Art of Letting Go

The time has come na mag decide si Pan. And she thinks na forgetting everything as Pan and living as Kim will be the best for everyone. That part of saying goodbye to Soda is really a tear jerker. It’s really something na mahirap tanggapin.


Episode 11 Curse is real! This is really a heart breaking episode. Andami iyakan. The twist and turns of this series is really undeniably great.

Life’s too short. Make the most out of it. Say I Love You as often as possible. You’ll never know what will happen tomorrow.

Stay safe everyone! Happy Weekend!

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