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Still 2gether: Episode 2 – Review

Shiaaaaaa! I know most of us still cant get over with the previous episode. After so much time of waiting, GMMTV really grants our wish. And let’s just look forward on what this continuation offers to us.

from ANGEL OF DEATH to LEGENDARY ROCKSTAR real quick! P’ Jennie is indeed a very talented and versatile actress in thailand. She always give some flavour to the series. She should be the president of #SarawatTine fans club! The goals of being a fangirl is every where in her body. The “KILIG” iz real, its no longer scripted.


This is the kiss that we really didn’t expect! Give thanks to this legendary game who help us to get our couple to do more skinshipping haha. There’s no more awkwardness to feel, it seems that they are really comfortable working with each other now compare to the previous series. Still can’t get over with this! OMGGGG! Raise the hands of those who scream after watching it. Hahahaa


One of the hardest decision that we need to make. When you cannot have both and you really need to choose one. This is so realistic. It really makes us overthink and tend to question ourselves. What will be Type’s decision for this? But let’s give it to Man, being the supportive partner ever. It may not be easy for both of them being away with each other but they need to put TRUST as a foundation of their relationship. Sana ol understanding diba? Hahaha


I am amazed with the fighting spirit of Phukong just to have P’Mil get an eye over him. He even join the Cheerleaders Club, hoping that P’Mil will be interested in him by doing this. He is the best example of “NEVER GIVE UP”. Do not give up until your crush, crush you back HAHAHA.


Who missed the shout of P’Green? HAHAHA I am dead laughing on how he screamed over P’Dim. They literally fighting for the sake of their clubs. Sarawat and Tin being in between of this two and doesn’t know what to do anymore. This quarrel is like a fire burning, literally a FIRE! and because of this incident, they got to know and settle on what’s the best for everyone.


Simple yet Romantic. Celebrating his birthday just two of them is more than enough. Sarawat’s unconditional love for Tine will never be questioned.

Are you guys ready for the new merch? HAHAHA Ipon iz real talaga mga dzai! Paano at saan nanaman tayo hahanap ng pambili sa mini-me version of Sarawat and Tine? Huhuhu need na talaga magbenta ng kidney, baka may buyer kayo refer nyo naman ako hahaha

More unexpected kilig and laughter! 3 more episodes left! Let’a just stay tuned to make our FriGay night more fun!

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