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Still 2gether Episode 3 Review

It’s another Magandang BrightWin day uleeeet!!!

Sana di na magtapos yung series. SarawatTine are giving us too much kilig that we cannot help but ask for more!

Both clubs are very eager to win in the upcoming U2 event. Since both parties still having issues with schedule, Wat left with no choice but to go practice somewhere else leaving Tine alone for 2 weeks.

I’m really sad for our little bunny since di nga sya sanay mag isa. Who can’t forget those melancholic IG posts??? Wag nyo sabihin di nyo nagawa yun? Tinnneeee!!! Can I replace Wat for now? Ooops, wag maxado ambisyosa siszt! Anak ng tokwa naman P Din ohhh… andun na eh, yun na dapat yung second eh. Sana sa Episode 4 meron. 😜😜😜

Andaming philosopher dito. Let’s not disregard yung sinabi ni Ohm, “We don’t have partners just to be with themWe have partners to remind ourselves that there’s someone who loves us.”. Araaaaay!!! Oo na po, kami na walang jowa. Kaw rin ba? Loko lang po!


Dejavuu ba from last series? Pukhong and Mil naman guuyyys!!! Pukhong fainted when practicing and Mil to the rescue po. Awweee sana all binubuhat ni crush….


So ayun na nga, matagal na pala kasi yung feelings. Ayaw lang ipakita. Ano ba yaaan, Mil… weak! Chos! Larga na po yung 3rd shiiiip!!! Tandaan natin ang signs, pag tap in the shoulder, Brotherzoned pero pag tap in the head… ayyy maghanda ka na kumanta ng This is the Moment! Sabay pa fiesta! Ganern! Am so happyyyyy!!!!

Boss, pano nga mag mukhang tanga sa harap ni crush??? Sayang chance na pero naging bato pa. Magic Football Fairy came to the rescue! Kung di pa napilayan di pa makaka hanap ng moment. Su Su Naaaaaaa Boss!!!! Nakadalawang love team ka na. Sarili mo naman bigyan mong time. Ako naman i ship mo next time kay… 🤣🤣🤣

Man at Type iba din kayo eh no? Bakit kinikilig pa rin ako kahit amoy amoy lang??? Ahhhh!! This is too much na po talaga.

Dear GMMTV, pwede pa extend hanggang next year to??? This is really giving me a happy vibe and positive energy tuwing Day Off. I hope everyone really appreciate this type of series in these trying times. It makes me forget all problems kahit sandali lang. Sana kayo din!

And before I end this review, I’m leaving another quote “To those who are discouraged and giving up, You might just have just 1% chance, but if your heart still wants to keep going, that chance will never reduce to 0%.

Laban lang tayo sa buhay. Bear in mind na walang imposible. You can get through whatever issue you may have right now.

Stay Safe Raikans!

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