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The Dew Synopsis and Review


The Dew is a story of two friends living in a laid back community wherein homosexuality is not yet accepted by many. Met in an unexpected way, Dew (Ohm) and Pob (Nont) found love in a hopeless place. Both planned to run away and go somewhere else yet destiny has been twisted for them that they have to decide to let go of each other in an unpredicted circumstance. Pob decides to go back to Pang Noi and found himself in DeJa Vu.



For me location is something that I look forward when it comes to series and movies. Pang Noi is a perfect choice. I love how the production incorporate nature to set the mood. Hopefully this can also be a realization for some to explore the countryside. It’s just refreshing to see mountains, rice fields and a lot of trees. It adds emotion on each scene.

I felt UWMA (Until We Meet Again) vibe on this it’s just that it’s more complicated due to the May-December affair of the characters. I am not expecting that this has too much twist. It didn’t came to my mind that this is something worth watching.

So we all know that Ohm Pawat won Best Supporting Actor for his role Dew on this movie. This has been the strongest character and acting I have seen compared to his other series. Phan (Lew) is also exceptional. The shifting of one character to another is really challenging but it was done smoothly. The actors acted very lightly yet emotions are still intact.

This movie made a difference. The story is quite fresh. 8.5/10 for this movie. 🙂

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