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The Shipper – Episode 9 Review

Giving Up and Letting Go

Pan decided to switch bodies with Kim again to help Khet and Way fight the gangsters. We really admire yung sacrifice ni Pan para kay Khet. She really made the decision without thinking if kaya nya lumaban.  She also did not think about yung promise nya sa Tito nya, Sefless character indeed! Phingphing apologized for what was done thinking na babalik sa dati ang lahat but unfortunately no. Instead, P’ Way talk to her straight to the point that everything between them is O-V-E-R.

Making abrupt decision is really challenging. You are not given much time to think. For this, ensure natin na kung ano ba dapat unahin – Priority. And sometimes in life, even if it’s hard we need to accept things. Sabi nga nila, everything happens for a reason. It might not be a good experience but one thing’s for sure; it will give us lesson at the end of the day.


Jelousy and Realization

So it’s Pan and Khet again under the same roof. Aircon is being cooperative nitong episode na to ha. Ganda ng timing! Awkward man, they still sleep in one bed since they don’t have a choice. At some point, si cellphone naman yung kontrabida. P’ Way asked Pan este Kim on a date! Ano na Ohm? Masa-KHET? I really thought aamin na yung isa but naunahan ng hiya. Torpe-ness raise to the power of 100! Khet did everything to delay the date pero we nothing beats with a man na alam gumawa sa bahay. So much love for P’ Way here! P Way asked P Kim to be his Fæn! If he only knew kung sino nasa katawan ni Kim at that moment but good thing is, Ship is sailing for Kim and P’ Way! The situation made him think na yung tamang tao is nasa tabi lang pala. And it’s his bestfriend!


We can’t help but being shy when someone we love is infront of us. Pero ika nga nila nothing will happen if we will not make a move. Love requires effort. Pag gusto mo, PUSH! Malay mo mag work. There are really circumstances in life na will make you realize of something. Sana lang it’s not too late for you to know those things din.


Let’s find out next week ano na naman yung mga pasabog. See you next Saturday and stay safe mga ka-Raikans!    

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