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Still 2gether Episode 5 Review

Hello mga ka-Raikan! Sana okay lang kayo after kagabi. I have a hard time doing this review since I can’t imagine na naman my weekends without SarawaTine.

Here’s the review for last night’s episode.
The squad is on a vacay! Everyone is in a mood na sana but P’ Dim still not giving up with his ego. Sinasabon lang talaga dapat yung Pride eh. Eventually they have been okay naman din.

Napapa-Tootsie Guevarra ako kina Phukong at Mil! Lagkit ng mga pa sulyap sulyap natin ah… Ayun tuloy buko na kayo ni Kuya Wat! #MilKong is now Kuya Wat Approved!

What a surprise for Man, P’ Type is real! That kiss was unexpectedly magical! Isang series naman GMM for them oh! They are really cute together.

Hi Boss! Nagkabati na at nagkatuluyan na ang lahat, di ka pa rin nakaka goal? Simula hanggang dulo ba talaga? Pano ulit yung lunod sa dagat? Aliw!

Wala talaga tayong naasahang #OhmFong oie! Friends lang talaga hanggang dulo. 

         Sino sa inyo umasa? Wag na kasi, nasaktan lang kayo. #TeamNagExpect



Oh well, ni isa sa mga surprise from Episode 1 to 5 walang natuloy. Grabe naman!

I really felt the love Wat and Tine for each other. BrightWin chemistry really improved since 2gether. Bawat eksena ramdam na ramdam mo. O yan ha, di na high five. That kiss really seals the deal. Everyone for sure is satisfied!

It’s time to bid goodbye to Handsome Prince and Cute Nuisance, but this time it’s for real. Quarantine life is not easy but SarawaTine gives us the positive energy we need to cope up with this Pandemic. The series may be over but this will have a special space in our hearts. Hoping for another series for Bright and Win.

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened”

Until next episode review, Raikans!





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