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The Moment I Need You – Review


This is the story of young veterinarian that travels to rest his heart from love in a hotel in the midst of the mountains. But nature leads to a new moment with someone who has never thought of it before. Fresh wounds of the heart that hopes for natural healing and instead comes to meet a new moment that causes the heart to skip a beat.



This is a cute little mini-series to fill up some spare time. It is about a guy trying to get over his ex and a bartender who promises to make him smile. I wish it was longer and we got to see more of the boys and character development. The idea is there and the actors definitely have chemistry, even if they are at times a little awkward with acting. Since it is so short, they really focus on the cute moments between the actors, and there isn’t much of a story climax to speak of. Even so, I found myself smiling at the end. It is a music promotional series, so its short, sweet, and to the point. Hoping to see more substance and sweet moments in the second series coming out soon..

Both of the leads did a great job and their chemistry was so beautiful. I don’t even have any more words to describe how wonderful their acting and chemistry is. For BL fans, the scenes between Bay and Mok are nice, but there is a lack of character development especially for Bay. We know very little about his background apart from the fact that he’s a bartender. As for Mok, there is some development showing his breakup with his ex-girlfriend though the cause of their breakup and the tension between him and her current boyfriend are left largely unexplained. Then there’s Boston, the boss of the hotel, who seems to be secretly in love with Bay but there’s little shown about his personality or his feelings.

The OST is great just not my favorite. It matches the story line and the scenes.

This light BL romance is a nice option if you want to watch a short series, while not getting too much emotionally invested with the characters.

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