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Why R U? The Series – Review


Saint Suppapong Udomkaewkanjana as Tutor

Zee Pruk Panich as Fighter

Tommy Sittichok Pueakpoolpol as Zon

Jimmy Karn Kritsanaphan as Saifah



Tutor is said to be ‘wise’ above his age and act rationally, while Fighter is the emotional kind. They started to have some animosity with each other, but then developed a close relationship. Saifah is a popular musician and often deals with mischief while Zon is shy but stubborn. He is also a sci-fi writer. Through a bet with his sister Zol, he starts writing sci-fi stories. But after his parents scolded him for not studying well, his writing is cut short. Later, when his friends tell him to steal ideas from his sister, he sees his name used in her fiction along with his enemy, Saifah.





WhyRU the series is not just about two boys falling in love, kissing and everything. It also shows or addresses the current situation of the homosexual relationships especially when it comes to family. This series shows us that it’s fine to love anyone and not to be afraid to express your feelings to your loved one. In this drama it also shows that your true friends no matter what will support you if you’re in a situation like this.

The hot scenes. Oh Boy, they are just serving us everything they have in those scenes, the main couple is as hot as it can be, every time this two are together is a fever alert and Fighter is one of the hottest character you have ever see in a BL. And the second couple is the cutest thing in the world, Zon is like a innocent kid and Saifah just looks and act like a gigantic baby, to bad they couldn’t development their relationship on the series as much as i wanted to.



The Actors did a phenomenal job here! I just can’t believe that this was Zee’s first main role. Not so much on the beginning, but from the middle to the end all his emotions were raw, it felt so real his conflicts and feelings… And Saint, after his work on Love By Chance, it is so refreshing to see him play a character that is more complex and that actually express emotions and takes the lead. Fight and Tutor felt like equals on the relationship, both with them on struggles and difficulties (which the actors brought us so well). And how not to mention Zon’s funny, light, but also so deep character? I was ready to grade him as comic relief when he started to show other sides and try to understand himself and what was going on around him. I think he was refreshing mostly, because of the way he dealt with his growing feelings for Saifah. There wasn’t the usual self-recrimination, but there was doubt – and Saifah was there to give him support and help him all the way. They were complementary, and it was so good and sweet to watch their almost naive feelings for each other grow in contrast to the more angst heavy line for Fighter and Tutor.


The unique thing about why r u is the fact that they don’t try to drown the emotional scenes with the music. instead let the mood and atmosphere be its own music just like they say sometimes silence is the best music. but the theme song and there a bunch of other songs which are just very nice to listen to.



This series was amazing, every aspect of was perfectly executed. It was funny it was serious at times, it had some really stunning visual and I love the chemistry between the actors. I do understand the pressure of finishing a show in the midst of the Covid19 pandemic – we all know that the production was heavily affected by it . And because of their effort to not hang the fans in the middle of the show, still kudos to the cast and the production team. We are all excited to watch the special episodes of Mii2.

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