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My Bromance Review

My Bromance is a 2014 movie starring Fluke Natouch and Fluke Teerapat. It’s a tragic story brothers who fell in love with each other and separated by death.

This movie has unusual plot. This will really trigger curiosity out of you. Love has no gender and no exact definition as what they say. You can love anyone but it will also be sometimes wrong for others. It also talks about acceptance. We know in current times that some parents are not that open to same sex relationship. It gets worst because the characters are step brothers. In line with the story they have selected the perfect actors for the movie. They really put their A-Game in this movie. Those tears are genuine and emotions are too much to handle. And the ending is really heart breaking. Who wants to have a sad ending? For sure all of those who watched did not see it coming.

“It could be that we all have someone who came into our lives just to leave a cherished memory and then gone. No matter dead or not that took us apart both of them aren’t easily to get over with. We could only keep them alive in our memory as long as we could.”

Yes, as we know people come and go. There are some that will make us happy and make us sad at the same time. Even though that’s something we can’t control, it is important for us appreciate what’s good in it and remember those lesson from those experiences.

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