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My Engineer the Series Synopsis and Review


Bohn, a third year Engineering University hottie, saved Freshman Medical student Duen from danger. While being saved, Duen unexpectedly throw a punch at Bohn’s face. After the incident, they have been seeing from time to time as part of Duen’s punishment. Will their non-stop fight and argument lead to sweet moments?

King, Bohn’s friend, find Ram, a junior from his faculty, shy type personality interesting. Unexpectedly, Ram realizes that King can be his safety blanket if he needs one.

Mek has secret feelings for Boss. When Mek and Boss both casted on a short film, the met Fon, Boss’ previous schoolmate. Boss and Fon dated while Mek is still in one corner waiting to be noticed and be loved.

When Frong’s mother was hospitalized, he again met Dr. Thara, a 5th Year Medical student as one of the attending physicians. Their first meeting might not be that pleasant, as time pass, they become comfortable with each other.

It’s a story of 8 people with different personalities and with different struggles. 4 couples, 4 different stories of love and friendship.

Series Review


The story maybe somehow familiar with other series. What I like about the series is that the story of each couple was equally divided. One does not over power the other. Each pair have their fair share of sweet moments.


This particular element might the be one of the strongest in the series. I like it when they highlighted famous area on the University like the Engineering Statue where Duen was supposed to give the flower to Bohn. I was amazed by King’s dorm. It’s something unusual especially that it has a lot of plants inside. The houses featured are pretty decent as well. I love the architectural design on King’s house.


The actors somehow gave justice to the characters and genre. The jokes are on point. Cooper did well on this series. As to Poy, although there are instances that some scenes are cringey still was able to manage the comedy scenes well. Mek and Boss moments are also giving us feeling good vibes. Daonua, Ben and the twins are so adorable.  Supporting casts are also okay.

It was a nice series actually. The comedy and romance were shown well.  For this, it’s 8 out of 10.

Until next time Raikans!

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