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TharnType Season 2 Episode 3 Review

Sawadee Raikans! Episode 3 Review is here!

The Tenacious Captain

Fiat somehow do not want to proceed with Surgery for his Torn ACL injury. The doctors are suggesting that It’s the best way yet the Captain is very hesitant to do it. Type

Okay ka lang Fiat? Why so attitude po? Your issue cannot be fixed in just one snap. Si Thanos po ba yung doctor nyo? Nag aral ba sila sa Hogwarts para isang spell lang galing agad?

What happened was quite disappointing, yes. It’s frustrating how we can’t do the things that we want and get the things we love however we need to listen to the expert for us to be able to get the right treatment. Gaya sa love, wag masyadong maging ma pride. To have proper resolution to a certain issue, you need to listen and compromise. Love Guru na ba ako nito? I’m accepting patients na po. LOL

Dr. Khunpol invited Champ for dinner. Akala ko pa naman intimate yung dinner but there’s an asungot. When there’s free food there’s Techno.  San na ba kasi jowa nito uuuuyyyy… Looking forward for this ship. #ChamPol

P’ Amy said yes to P’ Thorn! So lucky to find the right girl though. A girl that understands his man. A partner who’s willing to be his man’s #3. Positive to ha since P’ Thor have his mom as no. 1 and Thanya as his no. 2. 😊😊😊

Techno-sy and Khlui-rious

Khlui still being an inquisitive neighbor. Wala na po ba magawa sa buhay, Kuya?

Technooooo… Nakuuuu ma issue ka na naman eeehhhh… Merong di ma iinvite sa kasal nyan. Konting hawak issue agad.

Kala ko sa Pinas lang uso. Sila po ang Thai version ng Chismosa nyong mga kapitbahay…

The UnFiat-ful Friend

Because of what happened, Leo was forced to go back to Thailand. So ayun away konti, pero konting pa cute lang ni Fiat, bati ulit. Chicharong MaruPork!

Smooth lang din si Kapitan sa paghingi ng number ni Type oi. Kettle Korn cooking!!! Jusssqqqq!!!!

Yun na ba yun? Episode 3? Ganon lang? Medjo bitin ako pero push. It’s seems like maraming ganap next episode. Until next review! Stay safe, Raikans!


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