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The Yearbook Episode 1

Kahit ilang bagyo man ang danasin. Kahit ilang lindol man ang yayanig sa atin, BL is life pa rin. Char! Another BL has come to life again mga ka Raikan. Here’s Raikan Review for The Yearbook Episode 1.

That ringtone gives me chills!!! Sino ba yung natapos ang Space Impact? Yung palaging top score sa Snake? At yung palaging bokya sa Bantumi? Nokia lang sakalam!!! We will be seeing another series that features Chiang Mai! Why Phob is crying start pa lang? Ano kaya role ni Pat sa story na ito?

Phob and Nut are childhood friend and classmates. Friends lang ba talaga, Nut? Sya naman ang nabigyan ng CD pero para lang pala lumandi sa iba. Char! Ako nga pati pagkatao ko binigay ko na pero, saan? Di man lang umabot sa second base. Chos! Aweee parang nagbalik yung Teh at Oh Aew moments sa shaved ice… hihihi Singing to someone over the phone is one of the best things in this episode. Super sweet! Nakakaiyaaaaaaaaak!!!! Sana ganyan din sa akin si crush. LOL

How brave naman ni Phob for performing in front of a crowd. Kahit sintunado, ang importante naitawid mo yung kanta, Phob! Sana lahat confident. We should never be afraid to do the things like even there are a lot people who say bad things about it. Learn to spread your wings and fly for your dreams. Make kwento naman Raikan on your confident moments. 😊😊😊

The two boys are entering college yet Phob seems confuse on what course to take. It’s a good thing na anjan si Nut to make things easy. Hihihi As a teenager how hard it is to choose what path to take? Kayo ba Raikans, did you chase your dream course? Or did you end up on something na you didn’t like but was forced to do so? Share naman kayo ng experiences nyo.

What will happen to both of them next episode? Another series na naman ang aabangan natin, Raikans! For now, let’s wait and see. Stay safe, Raikans!

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