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The Yearbook Episode 3

Happy Sunday Morning August!!! Yes! It’s another month and another week to review one of the ongoing BL today! Here’s Raikan Review for The Yearbook Episode 3.The thought of Phob moving to Bangkok is killing Nut. How would you feel being away from the person who you consider your safe blanket almost all your life? Nakuuu Nut you make most of your time to be with Phob na before it’s too late. The feels yung pag kwento ni Nut nung mga childhood memories nila ni Phob. On how they used to play on the beach with their yoyos. How they have met. Life will really be complete if you have somehow memories to keep especially your childhood years.

Overnight lang ba talaga, Phob? Ahh overnight lang naman talaga nangyari. Kayo naman mga Raikans. Wag maxado madumi utak. Charot!Bakit naman ganon Phob???

Bakit di ka nagpapaalam??? Bakit mo na ghost si Nut??? Ang sakit kaya ng maiwan ng walang pasabi. Sino ba naman di maaawa kay Nut. Sariling mong best friend iniwan ka na lang bigla. I am so sad for him. San Cai??? Ikaw ba yan? (Insert Broken Vow)

After 4 long years, Phob comes back and Nut not happy about it. Eh sino ba matutuwa? Bigla ka na lang susulpot na di ka nga nagpaalam nung umalis ka. Ni Hi at Hello, WALA! Andaya mo Phob! Nut still not forgiving Phob from what he has done few years back. Four long years and the pain is still there.

And here comes the sad truth, Phob was diagnosed with cancer and came home to say goodbye… For real. How will this story evolve? As per Mean, paano nga ba magiging masaya yung next episode? Abangan next week, Raikans! Stay safe!

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