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Fish Upon the Sky Episode 1

Hello Raikans! Naka move on na ba ang lahat kay Chief Phupha at Tian? As we move on to another GMM Series, how will it affect our Friday Night BL cravings? Aruuuuu! Here’s Raikan Review for Fish Upon the Sky Episode 1.

First Love

Pi lose hope in finding love after what happened few years back until he met Nan. Sino ba di makaka relate? Yung si crush na mismong lumapit sayooo? On a Valentine’s Day? Yung taong magpapabago ng pananaw mo sa buhay. Char! Ang lalim naman Admin. Pero kidding aside it’s really good to have someone that will inspire us. Ang cute ni Phuwin at Mix. Akala ko makaka get over na ako. Mahihirapan nga akong mag move on kay Teacher Tian! 

The Rival

Pi sees Mork as his competiton when it comes to Nan. Pag magkasama palagi may gusto na baa gad yun? Paranoid minsan tong si Pi eh. Wag maxadong mag overthink Kuya. Baka friends lang naman talaga sila noh? Naku Raikans, pag ganyan palagi yung thinking natin, matatalo talaga kayo. Stay positive! Don’t be afraid to know the truth oi. Be brave! Malay mo nga may chance ka kay crush. Kung mahal mo, take the risk. Antapang Admin ah? Nagawa mo na ba? Char!

The Loser

As what Pi experienced, he felt being important because others have hidden motives. He was living in the shadow of his brother that’s why he doesn’t have any friends. Nakakalungkot isipin na may mga taong physical appearance lang yung basehan on how to treat people. Have you tried being on Pi’s situation? We should always remember to be kind to anyone since you do not know what battles people have in the first place. Being full of rejection, Pi decided to change himself. How will this makeover change his life? Will it help to get Nan’s attention?

Medjo curious ba kayo sa virtual friend ni Pi? Me either! Sino kaya to? I have someone in mind but I will leave it to your imagination. 

What will happen next week? Abangan! Stay safe, Raikans!

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