Donation Drive

  • RLXE Donation Drive – Perth Tanapon


    Raikantopeni Philippines adores and acknowledges the efforts of our brave frontliners fighting against COVID-19.


    Since the start of the Pandemic, our frontliners have been battling COVID-19 with all their best and strength. Despite the frustrations and never-ending tiresome battles, they manage to do their best in helping our fellow countrymen fight against COVID-19.


    To give back and honor the sacrifices of our Filipino Frontliners, in partnership with Perth Tanapon and his management, we are inviting everyone for a donation drive.

    All proceeds will go to the ever-hardworking Filipino Frontliners at Southern Philippines Medical Center.


    Donation will be under the name of Perth Tanapon through Raikantopeni Philippines.

    All donors will be acknowledged once donation has been made and will be included in the poster.


    Share the blessings.