Perth Tanapon

  • RLXE Donation Drive – Perth Tanapon


    Raikantopeni Philippines adores and acknowledges the efforts of our brave frontliners fighting against COVID-19.


    Since the start of the Pandemic, our frontliners have been battling COVID-19 with all their best and strength. Despite the frustrations and never-ending tiresome battles, they manage to do their best in helping our fellow countrymen fight against COVID-19.


    To give back and honor the sacrifices of our Filipino Frontliners, in partnership with Perth Tanapon and his management, we are inviting everyone for a donation drive.

    All proceeds will go to the ever-hardworking Filipino Frontliners at Southern Philippines Medical Center.


    Donation will be under the name of Perth Tanapon through Raikantopeni Philippines.

    All donors will be acknowledged once donation has been made and will be included in the poster.


    Share the blessings.


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    October 09, 2021


    Sawasdee Krab, Raikans!


    Get ready  as we take you to a PERTHfect Date with no other than one of our favorite Thai actor of all time – Perth Tanapon!


    Raikantopeni Philippines proudly presents a Raikan Live Xperience Exclusive:


    My PERTHfect Date with Perth Tanapon


    Get ready for a 3-hour show filled with games, fan interactions, getting-to-know Perth and of course lots of FUN! Get a chance to take a ZOOMFIE with him, participate in the games, get a one-on-one 1 minute video call with the artist and of course ask personal questions directly to PERTH! (Chosen lucky Raikans only!)


    This is your intimate virtual date night with Perth!


    This is an EXCLUSIVE XPERIENCE made just for YOU!


    Let’s create Perth-fect memories together with our 4th Raikan Live Xperience Exclusive happening this October 09, 2021 7PM (Philippines Time)!




    Hurry! Buy your Xperience Tickets NOW! Limited slots only.


    **Open for both Local and International Fans.

    **Event will be done via ZOOM and will be in the ENGLISH FORMAT.

    ** If purchasing two or more tickets, please ensure that you also have two or more e-mail address to be used as ZOOM will only be sending one link to one email. 

    ** For international fans, please use PAYPAL for the payment option.

    **Kindly note that we DO NOT ALLOW CANCELLATION OR REQUEST FOR REFUND. In case the attendee won’t be able to make it, we suggest to give / sell their tickets to their  colleagues.  Just let us know the new attendee’s details for us to update the data in the system.