An Xperience of A lifetime!

Made by the Raikans, for the Raikans! Raikan Live Xperience (RLX) has been a way for us Raikans to bond with our favorite Thai BL personalities. RLX indeed trailblazed the virtual arena when it comes to live experiences! First in RP, ONLY in RP!

Oh and wait! Did we mention that this is all for FREE? We are also choosing LUCKY 80 Raikans to join us in every RLX! Imagine being in one ZOOM with your favorite Thai BL Actors? A perfect Xperience, indeed!

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2020 – The Start of the Amazing Xperience

2020 was a blast as we started with our 1st ever RLX with P’ MAME of Tharntype the Series followed by Joong and Nine of 2Moons2 The Series. We are also fortunate to have Jimmy and Tommy of WhyRU the Series and before 2020 ends, we took you to memory lane with Nut and Karn of Grey Rainbow!

2021- The Xperience Made Bigger!

As we always aim to give back to our Raikans and of course to make BL fans happy, we made 2021 an eventful year for Raikantopeni Philippines as we make our RLX BIGGER, STRONGER and BETTER! We really stepped up our game in giving wonderful and memorable xperiences for our Raikans!

Missed the Raikan Live Xperience?

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